Planting Your Garden

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Taking the plants from seed to fruition

Planting everything isn’t the final step though.This is just the beginning of keeping things properly organic. But it’s also among the more fun aspects of an organic garden. At this point one should begin mulching. 

Most organic things can go right into there. But lawn clippings, fruit peels, tea leaves and the like will all be very useful there. It’s a great way of giving back to the environment while also reaping a benefit. 

To keep up the recycling aspect recommended by wildlife and pest, remember that dishwater is a great addition to an organic garden. The little bits of food and such will actually help rather than hinder. And it saves precious water in the process.

Next, there’s the biggest bane of organic gardening to cope with. And that’s the issue of insect maintenance. And this is also where location proves to be an amazing benefit. Water might be scarce in the area, but this also helps to control the insect population. 

Just going around with a spray bottle full of dishwater to get any troublesome aphids off will be the majority of the work. Inchworms can be an issue too, but those are easily dealt with by hand. Finally, the best friend of the organic gardener in the area is the praying mantis. 

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One might need to increase the population by buying them. But once that’s done they’ll do an amazing job of eating up almost all of the most troublesome insects in that climate. The native lizard population should do the rest.

And that really is most of what’s involved with organic gardening in the Southwestern US. It’s often seen as one of the more difficult areas to grow things in. But a little extra care recycling organic material and water will be the majority of the effort involved. Otherwise the climate is surprisingly helpful to anyone using organic methods.

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